Coming soon to the Solis portfolio… 

As many of our customers will know, Solis is one of today’s most popular inverter brands — for good reason. 

Thanks to almost 20 years of specialist experience, Solis offers proven quality and excellence with every product. Boasting a comprehensive selection of reliable, certified PV solutions powered by independent research and state-of-the-art technology, it is no surprise that this manufacturer’s collection of string inverters is one of the most widely used around the world. 

Still, like any great manufacturer, Solis is always looking to expand its offering and deliver products with new and improved capabilities. 

That said, we are thrilled to announce that we will welcome even more new Solis products to our portfolio this year — including the first off-grid inverter in the renowned S5 range… 

The S5 range goes off-grid 

The S5 range is a staple of the Solis suite, featuring an extensive selection of high-performance, cost-effective inverter models. 

With wide voltage ranges, impressive maximum efficiencies of at least 98.5% and built-in type-II over-voltage surge protection for both DC and AC, S5 inverters are suitable for a variety of grid-tied applications.  

Now, we are delighted to introduce the Solis S5 5kW single-phase off-grid inverter — the first in this range to cater to non-grid-tied installations to allow even more customers to enjoy the benefits of dependable solar power.  

This versatile model has a 90–500V MPPT and can connect either two 13A string current inputs or 26A on a single string to offer the ultimate installation flexibility. Plus, with a user-friendly LCD with touch buttons, compatibility with SolisCloud for remote monitoring and a free Solis S4 Wi-FI data logging stick, monitoring this inverter within an off-grid PV system could not be easier. 

Thanks to Solis’ reputation for excellence, this model has an attractive four-year standard warranty — much longer than the average for similar products. And with field-based Solis technicians on hand to provide local support, installers can rest assured that every new S5 5kW off-grid inverter will support unwavering solar power generation — no matter how remote the project may be.  

Solis’ latest off-grid inverter is compatible with the 48V batteries from Pylontech — another highly regarded manufacturer on the portal.   

Together, this Solis-Pylontech solution has a parallel capability of up to 10 inverters for up to 50kW of backup power and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) transfer time of 10–20 milliseconds, providing more than enough power to meet the needs of most standard residential and commercial installations.  

And that is not all we can look forward to from Solis in the coming months… 

The S6 inverters go pro 

Following the successful launch of the mini and standard Solis S6 inverters earlier this year, we have added Solis’ S6 Pro inverters to this popular series, bringing fresh new features and aesthetic designs for installers to enjoy.  

With dual MPPT and PV string currents of 16A to 20A at 600V to support larger panels, these state-of-the-art inverters provide everything installers need to excel in today’s solar market.  

Benefiting from generator connectivity with automatic on/off control, 24-hour real-time intelligent energy management through Bluetooth compatibility and a smart LED display, S6 Pro has all the first-class features installers have come to expect from Solis’ world-leading research and development team.  

Available in 5kW, 6kW and 8kW hybrid models, these inverters can feed power back to the grid with inputs ranging from 8000W to an astounding 12800W. The S6 Pro range can support one and three-phase flexible parallel connections with up to six units to offer 30kW, 36kW or 48kW of backup power, respectively — reinforced by a 10-second, 200% surge power backup overload capability for a UPS with four-millisecond reaction time.  

Like the Solis S5 off-grid inverter, the advanced S6 Pro inverters are compatible with Pylontech’s low-voltage 48V batteries, including the US2000C, US3000C and UP5000. These new products also come with a Wi-Fi/LAN data logger, as well as a current transformer for guaranteed efficiency.   

Offering a five-year warranty that is extendable up to an incredible 10 years, these cutting-edge products are a must-have for residential PV projects. Installers can find them on the portal now — place an order early today! 

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