Combat load shedding with Pylontech batteries

Battery storage does precisely what it says on the tin. By storing surplus energy which has been generated when the supply from the sun outweighs the amount of energy used — for instance, on bright, sunny days — businesses and homes can benefit from a continuous power supply at all times.

This has always been a considerable benefit of solar power: a highly sustainable, cost-effective alternative to grid-tied electricity. However, battery storage gains even greater value as the energy crisis grows more severe.

The oncoming winter is set to exacerbate the current disruption, and the uptake of battery storage applications is just the thing to help you counteract the worst effects of load shedding.

The current threat posed by load shedding

With the winter season comes colder weather, cloudier skies and, in turn, fewer opportunities to generate power from solar panels. As our electricity demand outweighs the amount we can harness from the sun, we are forced to rely more heavily on the already strained national grid.

Not only does this threaten to overwhelm the country’s depleted power plants further, but it also coincides with the planned phase two load shedding which was announced in March 2022. 61 days of load shedding are set to take place between April and August this year, which will only be aggravated by the various shut-down units that are due to be refurbished.

We are already seeing the effects of this issue, with intermittent load shedding reaching stage four at the end of May — potentially causing up to 4,000 MW power cuts, a figure which could easily increase as we reach the height of winter.

Battery storage is crucial for any PV system looking to combat this predicament. By using stored energy to maintain a constant power supply and alleviating the strain on the grid, the effects of load shedding can be significantly reduced.

So, what products do you need to get started?

Battery storage for residential and commercial use

Thanks to Pylontech, you can get an effective solar battery no matter the breadth of your energy supply requirements. This leading brand is known for its high-quality battery modules, designed to maximise performance without compromising safety or durability.

There are multiple Pylontech batteries which are ideal for use in residential systems. The UP5000, for instance, boasts a modular design for ease of expansion, can parallel up to 16 units and has a high usable capacity of 4560 kWh, making for a flexible and efficient module.

The US2000C and US3000C are equally attractive options, with an incredible 95% depth of discharge and self-designed BMS with abnormal temperature, current, voltage, SoC and SoH protection to minimise fire risk and subsequent damage to the system.

This safety-enhancing feature is also in the modular and scalable Powercube H2, the ideal battery for commercial systems. With LiFePO4 technology for a long life cycle, a flexible BMS voltage range from 240 VDC to 576 VDC and flexible configuration options, this battery is suitable for rack-mounted and container-based systems.

All the above batteries will help you combat the fallout of the load shedding crisis and can be found on the SegenSolar portal — your go-to for designing a complete PV system.

If you are a solar installer looking to embark on your renewable energy journey, create an account on the free SegenSolar portal today. If you are a homeowner and want a Pylontech storage solution installed, you can get in touch with a member of our friendly team who would be delighted to assist you.