Cinco Solar Cinco Solar founded in 2009 is a specialist manufacturer of Photovoltaic solutions based in China. Cinco acquired the license of import and export and entered the international market rapidly in 2010 and now exports its products to more than 120 countries over the world. Cinco Solar has a professional design and development team, committed to providing you with high-quality photovoltaic power generation products and solutions with a sound and efficient quality management system servicing North America, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other regions to provide users with high quality and affordable new energy. Cinco Solar modules come with a 10-year product warranty and 10-year performance warranty with confidence. SegenSolar has stock of the Cinco off-grid 50W-155W 36 Cell Polycrystalline and 260W 60 cell Polycrystalline solar modules. For more information, please visit the Cinco Solar website here or refer to the documents tab on the specific product page on the SegenSolar portal

Product CodeCategoriesName
CNCC100P-36Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 100W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid
CNCC120P-36Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 120W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid
CNCC155P-36Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 155W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid
CNCC160P-36Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 160W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid
CNCB200M-72Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 200W Mono 72 Cell Solar Panel Off-Grid
CNCC50P-36Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 50W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid
CNCC80P-36Cinco Solar, Off-Grid, PV PanelCinco 80W 36 Cell Poly Solar Panel Off-Grid
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