Choose KODAK Solar Products this leap year and beyond  

The next few months will be huge for our customers — and not just because of the changing electricity landscape. 

Whilst the 12.74% electricity price hike effective from 1 April will have a big impact on the world of solar, causing more demand from home and business owners searching for cost-effective PV systems, February 2024 also includes a leap day.  

Given that this special occasion only comes around once every four years, we are keen to celebrate it with an equally special promotion: KODAK Solar Products month! 

This exciting four-week event will see us shine a light on all the ways this trusted name helps you help end-users leap towards affordable energy. Plus, there will be opportunities to enjoy not just an extra day, but extra savings on the brand’s portfolio. 

Why have we chosen KODAK Solar Products to celebrate and what is our leap year deal? Find out below…  

The brand boasts solutions for a range of requirements 

KODAK Solar Products boasts such an extensive selection of PV system components that you can find everything you need to cater to installations in its portfolio. No need to worry about choosing compatible batteries and inverters from different brands! 

We proudly stock several off-grid models from the three KODAK Solar Products inverter ranges: OG, OGS and OG-PLUS. The first range is designed for small residential projects, the second is well suited to small commercial systems and the third is a perfect match for rural and end-of-line locations, such as those in sub-Saharan regions. 

All these inverters can be paired with KODAK Solar Products’ lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. There are two models available (the BL3.6 and bigger BL5.0), making it easy to find the right size for your project, and they come with 15-unit parallel capabilities for easy system expansion. 

Although the above components do not make the City of Cape Town approval list as they are not NRS certified, they are perfect for all sorts of installations in all other municipalities. 

Every component ensures a stress-free supply 

One thing KODAK Solar Products batteries and inverters have in common is their ability to provide South African residents with the easiest possible energy supply, both in terms of day-to-day usage and ongoing maintenance. 

Cutting-edge features like customisable LED rings with RGB lights, touchable buttons and large coloured LCD screens ensure end-users can see the working status of their KODAK Solar Products components and protect their peace of mind. Plus, handy features like built-in anti-dust kits mean product upkeep is a breeze. 

What’s more, many KODAK Solar Products components come with built-in protection against common faults and can be monitored remotely via Wi-Fi. So, users can maintain constant oversight over the health of their PV systems, get faults fixed quicker and enjoy longer-lasting products.  

All these perks take solar power to the next level — allowing you to satisfy clients who want to maximise the benefits of cutting ties with the national grid.  

There is no better option for cost-conscious end-users 

KODAK Solar Products has long been considered the go-to choice for affordable PV systems, given that all its components come in at a lower cost than many alternatives of an equally high standard. And we have numerous offers making them even more cost-effective… 

This year, we have introduced many exceptional deals on KODAK Solar Products in our domestic packages, which comprise an array of discounted battery and inverter pairings. We also recently reduced the price of the KODAK Solar Products OG-PLUS5.48 inverter in line with our commitment to constantly making our pricing more competitive. 

Then, there is our leap year offer. In February 2024, when you buy any 10 inverters from KODAK Solar Products, you stand the chance to win the 11th for free — ideal for anyone looking to stock up on trusted components and prepare for upcoming projects at a great price. 

With these savings, you can supply more affordable energy to a wider range of clients and play your part in the country’s transition to a brighter future. 

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