Celebrating Sunsynk: new products for your PV portfolio!

Unless you are brand new to the world of solar energy, you will probably be familiar with Sunsynk. This trusted inverter specialist has decades of experience and has earned its reputation as one of the market’s most respected brands — exporting high-quality products to over 40 countries worldwide. 

As a long-term partner of this well-known PV manufacturer, we want to ensure our customers stay informed about the industry-leading products in our Sunsynk portfolio. And with several new launches coming soon, we thought now would be the perfect time to update you on its most sought-after solutions!

So, read on to discover what you can expect from this leading South African brand over the next few months. 

Championing accessible PV products for every application

With a proven commitment to innovation and a global sales team dedicated to offering first-rate customer service and support, it is no surprise that Sunsynk remains one of the most popular brands in the PV market.

It offers a suite of domestic and commercial solutions, supplying exceptional products at equally exceptional prices to help accelerate the global shift towards renewable energy sources.

The brand is perhaps best known for its versatile single-phase and three-phase inverters that enable installers to manage energy storage in different environments. For example, Sunsynk’s single-phase, low-voltage 5kW and 8kW models can parallel up to 16 units and are ideal for controlling power flow from multiple sources, including solar, grid and generator.

For larger residential or small commercial systems, the Sunsynk MAX is the biggest single-phase, all-in-one inverter installers can get. Packing 16kW of power and three MPPTs to allow for maximum efficiency and flexible PV array designs, this impressive 48V unit can easily cater to off-grid, grid support, backup and self-consumption system requirements.

Our Sunsynk suite also includes a selection of high-voltage (HV) three-phase inverters, including a 12kW and 50kW device. Similar to the brand’s single-phase inverters, these products are suitable for a range of PV applications and can be connected in parallel configuration to ensure simple scalability.

Like all Sunsynk products, these inverters are crafted with careful attention to detail and harness high-quality green technology to benefit end-users and the environment. Plus, they offer Wi-Fi compatibility as standard — built-in or through a dongle — to support efficient, convenient remote monitoring.

Intrigued by these Sunsynk staples? Wait until you discover the latest additions to our collection!

Expanding our Sunsynk portfolio with new solutions

Sunsynk’s team is constantly releasing pioneering products intended to simplify PV system installation and maintenance for its customers — including two innovative solutions we are thrilled to welcome to our portfolio.

The most recent to land on the portal is the all-in-one Powerlynk X, a plug-and-play module exclusive to South Africa. This flexible component comprises a 3.6kW hybrid inverter, a 1C-rated 3.84kWh lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack and dual MPPT for a total power capacity of 4.5kW — ideal for most residential and small commercial applications.

With a six-unit parallel capacity, built-in Wi-Fi monitoring and wall-mount brackets included, the Powerlynk X makes system installation and expansion a breeze. Plus, it is compatible with the Sunsynk 5.12kW battery to support installations with higher power demands.

We also look forward to the imminent launch of Sunsynk’s ultra-flexible HV battery system. Designed with high integration and longevity in mind, this package includes everything installers need to ensure a stable energy supply.

Featuring a BMU unit, a battery cabinet and between three and 12 1C-rated batteries, the HV system boasts a 90% depth of discharge (DoD) for maximum efficiency and an intelligent touchscreen for easy operation.

Each battery in the system provides 5.12kWh of power, contributing to an outstanding max-series capacity of 61.44kWh. And with straightforward rack mounting and a parallel capacity of up to 16 stacks, installers can scale systems up and down in line with changing energy requirements without hassle. 

Most importantly, both the Powerlynk X and the HV system have incredible 10-year warranties due to their proven durability and long-lasting performance. So, if you are looking for cost-effective, reliable components to add to your portfolio, snap up these products whilst stocks last! 

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