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5G is the future — and the future is Solis 

5G is the future — and the future is Solis  What does “5G” mean to you?     Faster? Smarter? More efficient?   It seems like only yesterday that 4G technology was starkly futuristic, with higher speeds of connection than the world had ever seen. Astoundingly, 5G already is on the horizon and is set to revolutionise the internet and global connectivity, providing […]

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Sharp partners with Toyota for a solar-powered Prius

Sharp partners with Toyota for a solar-powered Prius Petrol and diesel cars are among the world’s worst culprits for greenhouse gas emissions. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that innovators are starting to look at new ways to tackle the toxic substances emitted by this mode of transport.   Going fuel-free  Battery-powered cars — both hybrid and electric — are now on the market and available for the average […]

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