Encouraging renewables in Zambia

Encouraging renewables in Zambia Joining the assortment of African countries in an electricity supply crisis is Zambia. In June 2019, there were discussions around Zambia needing to import electricity from South Africa, which as a country was struggling to provide its citizens with ample power. South Africa is supplying Zambia with electricity in this time […]

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Sharp Case study

Sharp’s caseload of solar projects

Sharp’s caseload of solar projects  Trusted with over 60 years’ experience in the industry, Sharp is a global force among solar brands. The company’s panels are not only dependable and powerful but are also versatile and suitable for use across a range of applications in various countries.   Sharp’s panels were chosen specifically for the following projects due to their robust design and high […]

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Meet James Frank: Solis’ Solar Specialist in South Africa

Meet James Frank: Solis’ Solar Specialist in South Africa James’ background in management and sales and his hands-on, practical experience in photovoltaic installations means he has a wealth of solar knowhow. With seven years in the solar industry under his belt (and 29 years working in the industrial-electrical sector), James has seen all sides — […]

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Load Shedding

Solar power: an end to load shedding in South Africa?

For residents and businesses in South Africa, Eskom has long been a source of frustration. Generating approximately 95% of the country’s electricity, the company holds a state-supported monopoly on the energy supply in South Africa – where rolling blackouts are a daily occurrence as the national grid falters. Load shedding has been a part of […]

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