SegenSolar webinars

SegenSolar’s webinar success

SegenSolar’s webinar success SegenSolar’s events have been a huge success and steadily growing in popularity. However, due to lockdown measures imposed by the South African government following the outbreak of COVID-19, these face-to-face gatherings have been suspended temporarily. As such, SegenSolar has partnered up with a handful of its top solar manufacturers to offer online […]

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SegenSolar’s unrivalled commercial services

SegenSolar’s unrivalled commercial services As well as being a wholesaler and distributor of top-quality solar equipment for South Africa and the SADC regions, SegenSolar supplies a range of equipment to both residential and medium- to large-scale commercial installers. The team ensures its services are tailored to and appropriate for each market and prides itself on […]

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Solis' success

SegenSolar showcases Solis

SegenSolar showcases Solis Across the last decade, inverter manufacturer Solis has transformed into a global household name, supplying dependable solar solutions for residential and commercial installations alike. While the reliability and performance of Solis’ inverters are already well-known, the company has also been recognised recently for its dedication to the renewable industry.   Solis’ accomplishments are demonstrated in its products’ versatility and adaptability to a variety of installations. Learn more […]

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Quick Quote

Are you using Quick Quote?

Are you using Quick Quote?  Sometimes, ‘shortcut’ tools turn out to be more hassle than they are worth. They do not always offer a quicker solution and can result in a confusing outcome. The online apparatus may not be particularly user–friendly, and it can be tricky to work out the functions of each button.   However, SegenSolar’s Quick Quote tool has been designed with the […]

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Cost benifits

Reaping the cost benefits of solar

Reaping the cost benefits of solar Gone are the days when solar power was expensive and inaccessible. Worldwide reports indicate photovoltaic (PV) power is not only outpacing fossil fuels in total global consumption but is also becoming cheaper than its polluting counterpart. SegenSolar discusses just how much prices of solar have plummeted in recent years […]

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Meet SegenSolar’s newest team member  

Meet Michael: SegenSolar’s newest team member     SegenSolar is delighted to say there is a new member of the team on the ground in South Africa.     Michael Lappin joined SegenSolar in November 2019 from a reputable solar company called MSolar, based in Kenya. Michael also has extensive experience working with the sales, financial and stock-holding aspects of a company in Kenya. He […]

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Why it’s vital to get your GreenCard

Why it’s vital to get your GreenCard Solar power is undoubtedly a popular energy choice for South Africa. With the cost of a PV system dropping each year coupled with escalating electricity prices and uncertainty of supply, solar is becoming increasingly attractive to both residential and commercial energy users nationwide. An increase in customer demand […]

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mega Solar Initiative

Africa’s mega solar initiative 

Africa’s mega solar initiative    South Africa is one of the world’s top-20 producers of greenhouse gases. The country is under immense pressure to deliver on a commitment to reduce its emissions by 42% before 2025.    South Africa steps up its game    In line with promises made in 2009, South Africa is finally making plans to […]

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Sharp partners with Toyota for a solar-powered Prius

Sharp partners with Toyota for a solar-powered Prius Petrol and diesel cars are among the world’s worst culprits for greenhouse gas emissions. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that innovators are starting to look at new ways to tackle the toxic substances emitted by this mode of transport.   Going fuel-free  Battery-powered cars — both hybrid and electric — are now on the market and available for the average […]

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Meet James Frank: Solis’ Solar Specialist in South Africa

Meet James Frank: Solis’ Solar Specialist in South Africa James’ background in management and sales and his hands-on, practical experience in photovoltaic installations means he has a wealth of solar knowhow. With seven years in the solar industry under his belt (and 29 years working in the industrial-electrical sector), James has seen all sides — […]

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