Botswana’s 2.3 million inhabitants are among masses of Sub-Saharan citizens affected by power shortages. The lack of electricity has led to scheduled blackouts — periods of ‘load shedding’ — that usually take place during peak hours, i.e. mornings and evenings when people need the power most.  

With severe droughts at the Kariba Dam, hydropower is no longer a viable option, and the government has insufficient funds to rely on electricity imports or diesel generators. Little by little, solar power is emerging as the cheapest and most effective solution to the energy crisis.

Botswana has lots of desert lands and 3,000 kWh/m2 of clean PV energy potential each year, making the nation an ideal host for solar. 

Planned Projects

The Botswana government has pledged to raise the amount of renewable energy used to supply the country’s peak electricity from 6% to 36% by 2036. This will be achieved with the help of a new 200 MW concentrated solar plant, built as part of the Integrated Resource Plan and due for completion by 2027. The Botswana Power Corporation has pledged to buy the electricity generated.

Sturdee Energy South Africa is working with the Botswana Power Corporation to deliver on Botswana’s first power purchase agreements. Two of 12 solar projects are set to supply upwards of 10 GWh of solar power within a year of completion. The total energy generation goal of these projects is 35 MW, and all 12 should be complete by the end of 2022.

Through subsidiary Sumba Renewables, Shumba Energy is planning to develop a 100 MW solar project in Botswana, with full funding anticipated by the end of Q2 2022. Construction will likely commence in 2023 and is expected for commercial operation in 2025.


With solar comes job opportunities, and SegenSolar wants to fill the gap for solar installers in Botswana’s employment market. In providing reputable, long-lasting materials, SegenSolar hopes to propel the country towards a cleaner future with abundant power for everyone.  

With solar picking up speed in the capital of Gaborone, SegenSolar is keen to offer Botswana a range of PV equipment — from solar panels to storage solutions — to installer markets via trusted channel partners and wholesalers.

Product code Categories Name
PYLON-LV-HUB Communication Module, Pylontech, Storage Systems Pylon Low Voltage Solar Battery Communication Hub
PYLON-US3000 Li-ion Battery Pack, Pylontech, Storage Systems Pylon US3000 3.5kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. brackets)
PYLON-UP2500 Li-ion Battery Pack, Pylontech, Storage Systems Pylon UP2500 2.84kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery 24V
PYLON-UP2500-CAN Li-ion Battery Pack, Pylontech, Storage Systems Pylon UP2500 2.84kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery 24V with CAN connection
CAB-PK-PYLON Accessory, Pylontech, Storage Systems Cable Pack for US2000B / US3000 / Phantom-S Solar Batteries
BRACK-US2000B Accessory, Pylontech, Storage Systems 2xBrackets – Pylon US2000B
BRACK-US3000 Accessory, Pylontech, Storage Systems 2xBrackets – Pylon US3000
US2000B-PLUS Li-ion Battery Pack, Pylontech, Storage Systems Pylon US2000 2.4kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. brackets)

SegenSolar is keen to foster the development of additional small and large-scale solar installations across Botswana. If you are a homeowner, you can get in touch for more details about our work in Botswana. If you are a solar installer, you can register to our free portal to explore the product range.