Boosting property value with solar power 

When we think of what influences South Africans’ decisions to swap fossil fuels for solar, plenty comes to mind. But one factor that might have been overlooked is property value… 

According to Carl Coetzee, the CEO of the country’s leading home loan brand Better Bond, houses equipped with solar power systems can sell for up to 4% more than those that do not. This impressive figure will certainly pique the interest of homeowners looking to gain confidence in the selling power of their properties and obtain a competitive edge in a tricky real estate landscape.  

Plus, a new government-backed rebate scheme has started to take effect, allowing private homeowners to reclaim 25% of the cost of panels used in their rooftop PV installations, and winter is approaching, putting the grid (and national energy supplies) under even greater strain. So, installers can expect to be busy with requests for new home PV systems in the coming months.   

As your one-stop shop for PV products, we are here to help you prepare for all this — explaining some of the real estate-related reasons motivating homeowners to transition to solar this year and recommending the best Pylontech solutions to use for upcoming residential projects. 

Attracting buyers with a long list of selling points  

No installer will be surprised to learn that all the perks that inspire homeowners to invest in solar for their own benefit are also attractive for those looking to purchase a new home.   

A reliable energy supply ensures residents always have access to air conditioning and hot water and eradicates any concerns about unpredictable monthly bills, as the sun will be generating energy for free. Both these factors are bound to entice buyers — helping stimulate demand from homeowners aiming to sell up in less time, for more money. 

And that is not all… 

Establishing ideal conditions for remote work 

Nowadays, a huge proportion of people work from home. By installing a PV system, homeowners can increase their appeal to remote and hybrid employees, as solar can prevent Wi-Fi connections and electricity from dropping (and disturbing workflow) during power cuts. 

Raising Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings 

EPC ratings reveal how energy-efficient a building is. The higher the number, the more sustainable and affordable it is to run. With a good PV system, homeowners can raise their property’s EPC rating — and entice eco-conscious buyers. 

Creating net-metering opportunities 

By transitioning to solar, homeowners can give prospective buyers the chance to earn money for their energy supply via net metering, whereby end-users sell back surplus power to the national grid — increasing their property’s appeal to those looking for a cost-effective house. 

All the above benefits can help South Africans attract more prospective buyers, set a higher listing price when selling their homes and encourage them to transition to PV, especially with the new rebate scheme in place. 

So, how do you find the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective products for the job? 

Meeting every requirement with Pylontech  

With over a decade of experience in the solar industry and a diverse portfolio of energy storage solutions to show for it, Pylontech is an ideal choice to help customers increase the value of their properties with PV systems.  

When working on small to medium-sized residential installations, we recommend the US2000C and US3000C. These batteries offer an industry-leading 95% depth of discharge (DoD) for maximum efficiency and optimum solar power production, alongside the ability to be installed in a rack or wall-mounted system — suiting a variety of homeowner preferences.  

Alternatively, the UP2500 is ideal for modest residential systems, with a 24V power output and modular design for ease of expansion — all secured by a warranty that can be extended up to 7 years.  

Pylontech also offers the UP5000, which is great for more extensive residential systems. Boasting a 4.8kWh power output, this battery can support large installations of up to without an LV hub. It gains flexibility from its parallel capability of up to 16 units, meaning the system can be expanded to suit more demanding energy needs, and comes with a high usable capacity of 4,560kWh, so fewer batteries are needed per system.   

Moreover, as all the above batteries are built with lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology, they keep system faults at bay, ensuring a safe and long-lasting system with minimal maintenance or replacement requirements. So, you can satisfy your residential customers’ requests and homeowners can reap the benefits of solar power — even when they decide to sell.  

Learn more about Pylontech and prepare to supply the best residential PV systems today. Just log in or sign up for a free account on the portal.