Bank on SegenSolar for brand-new PV products

Installers choose SegenSolar for our unparalleled selection of solar batteries, inverters, mounting products and accessories. So, it is only right that we continue to attend to your needs with an ever-expanding portfolio, complete with all the must-have solar solutions.

However, our continued commitment to updating our offering plays a part in a much bigger picture.

By providing our customers with the latest releases as soon as possible — and increasing our stock from local, South African brands — we are helping improve the capabilities of every new PV system built in our communities. And the more high-quality PV systems across the country, the greater our chance of overcoming the energy crisis for good!

So, which South African manufacturers have we welcomed to the portfolio this year — and what new products do they have to offer?

Brand-new batteries from REVOV

REVOV has been around since 2016, and has made a significant contribution to the South African solar energy market since then.

This manufacturer aims to alleviate the strains caused by the unstable national grid, cater to the growing demand for energy storage in sub-Saharan South Africa and tackle the global need to increase its reliance on sustainable energy — and such ambitious goals call for multi-tasking products!

The REVOV second-life batteries are suitable for use in off-grid, backup and self-consumption residential energy systems and come with flexible features to facilitate this, including impressive parallel capabilities, multiple orientation options and compatibility with inverters from leading brands.

Plus, because they are recycled, REVOV second-life batteries are much more affordable and sustainable than traditional lithium batteries.

We have welcomed the REVOV R1000 and R9 models to the portal this year — two second-life batteries with an outstanding 100% maximum depth of discharge, 10-year warranties and many more exciting features.

KD Solar: the brand that does it all

Another new manufacturer that has recently joined the SegenSolar portfolio is KD Solar.

Like REVOV, KD Solar entered the solar landscape with big dreams — to offer a comprehensive selection of solutions and services for all installation types, and do so at an affordable price. And if the wide range of KD solar products on the portal is anything to go by, that goal has been achieved!

We stock a vast range of KD Solar’s penetrating and non-penetrating roof clamps, brackets, and roof hooks on the portal, as well as the necessary screws, hanger bolts and other products required for installation. Amongst these products, there is a solution for every roof surface: tiled, flat, slate, corrugated, inverted box rib (IBR) and standing seam.

With so many options to choose from, installers can confidently service clients with all kinds of energy needs!

Find new favourites from Hubble Lithium

Hubble Lithium is no stranger to the SegenSolar portal. But its latest solar batteries — the AM-5 and the AM-10 —  certainly bring something new to the table.

These batteries are made with superior prismatic lithium-ion cells, giving them a greater energy density and a longer life cycle than standard lithium cells. And with long-lasting PV products comes improved sustainability, and an even greener solar system!

The AM-5 and AM-10 are compatible with inverters from leading names, including Victron, KODAK Solar Products and Sunsynk, are suitable for wall and rack-mounting, and are equipped with impressive parallel capabilities for a total storage capacity of 40.96 kWh and 80 kWh respectively.

They also come with all the great features installers expect from Hubble Lithium — reliability, longevity and innovation — with a 10-year warranty, 15-year battery cell design life and remote monitoring via the Cloudlink device.

Do you want to get your hands on the latest solar products? Discover REVOV, KD Solar and Hubble Lithium on the portal today!