Back and better than ever: Solis’ S6 inverters

In 2023, the demand for bigger, better PV solutions is rising as more South Africans aim to cut ties with unreliable grid supplies in favour of stable, sustainable solar power.

Solis, a leading PV manufacturer and inverter specialist, is working hard to cater to this demand and support the national uptake of more renewable energy solutions by constantly expanding its range of powerful PV products — many of which we proudly stock on the portal.

So, stay tuned to find out more about this renowned name — and discover its latest launch…

Supplying Solis’ best-in-class solutions

Solis has been developing state-of-the-art PV products since 2005. Now boasting one of the world’s most widely installed bases of string inverters, this experienced PV manufacturer has been instrumental in the national and global rollout of solar power infrastructure.

This January, Solis started the year off strong by introducing an upgraded 6kW inverter to its much-loved S5 range, which comes with an improved LCD window and enhanced DC arc-fault protection — along with a generous warranty of up to 10 years!

Thanks to a higher input current and dual MPPT and compatibility with the Pylontech US2000C, US3000C and UP5000 cells and Freedom Won Lite Home and Lite Business batteries, this product also facilitates easy, flexible system expansion — perfect for today’s market.

Solis also recently expanded its accessory range with a new four-pin data logging stick. This two-in-one data logger is suitable for most areas covered by Wi-Fi or LAN signals — with a quick and convenient plug-and-play connection feature making it easy to gain real-time insights into PV system performance and security. It can also be paired with SolisCloud for remote monitoring, helping installers maximise the efficiency of connected systems and provide safe, reliable solar energy supplies.

Now, as more people seek powerful yet cost-effective PV solutions to help them escape from load shedding and skyrocketing utility prices, Solis brings us something even more exciting: the re-introduction of its single-phase, grid-tied inverter range — the S6 suite!

Welcoming the newly-expanded S6 range

Solis’ S6 launch will bring five new inverter models to our Solis portfolio, which is divided into two model segments: mini and standard.

The S6 inverters go above and beyond the capabilities of the earlier 4G and 5G models, boasting an improved PV string current of 14A to support larger wattage panels and a DC/AC ratio of 1:1.5 (up from 1:1.2) for greater panel oversizing, catering to the requirements of more demanding applications.

These units are ideal for residential-scale projects, with a quiet, fanless design, wide voltage ranges and ultra-low start-up voltages to enable longer operation times. Each inverter has super high-frequency switching technology, high efficiencies and a 600V maximum panel configuration to accommodate more panels in a string. The standard models also feature dual MPPT for added flexibility.

Safety and reliability are always a top priority for all Solis products, and the S6 range has the credentials to prove it.

With integrated DC arc-fault circuit protection (AFCI), DC switch and an export power manager (EPM) to allow users to adjust export values to satisfy local network requirements, these new products really are a must-have for any residential project.

By linking inverters to the SolisCloud platform with the Solis Wi-Fi/LAN data logging stick, installers can enjoy incredible 24-hour energy management and conduct remote firmware upgrades — resulting in an easy-to-manage PV system.

Plus, with a five-year standard warranty that is extendable up to an incredible 20 years — these solutions are clearly built to last!

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