Available now: the Solis S6 Pro Advanced range 

If you have been keeping up to date with our ever-expanding portfolio, you will be aware of the fact that we have welcomed many new products from Solis so far this year. For instance, the 6kW S5 inverter hit the portal at the start of 2023, followed by a new four-pin data logging stick. 

But did you know that there have been more additions to our Solis offering since these releases? 

This winter, we introduced stock of Solis’ latest collection of inverters: the S6 Pro Advanced range. These single-phase hybrid models are perfectly suited to the demands of the South African market, with a series of upgraded qualities that blow comparable products out of the water. 

Learn why you should invest in these products when stock arrives in July, from their technical features to the brand’s market-leading position, below! 

Inverters with an edge  

The 5kW, 6kW and 8kW S6 Pro Advanced inverters can all feed power back to the grid via numerous sources, including PV, batteries and generator inputs. One of the greatest perks of these products is their generator connectivity with automatic on/off controls — complementing their super-fast reaction times of four milliseconds.  

These inverters have a dual MPPT and support single and three-phase flexible connections with up to six units in a parallel, providing respective maximum power supplies of 30kW, 36kW and 48kW. So, installers can scale up each PV system to suit customers’ needs and supply the most effective solutions for today’s changing energy landscape.  

What’s more, thanks to the high input string currents of up to 20A, the inverters are suitable for larger panels and can easily cater to demanding energy requirements. Plus, with 600V maximum panel configurations, more panels can be integrated into a single string, upgrading the solar power produced in each system whilst maintaining a maximum efficiency of 97.5%.  

Adding to the benefits of the Pro Advanced inverters are the series of features optimising the quality of the generated solar power, such as the 1:1.6 DC/AC ratio, helping minimise losses during oversizing, and wide voltage range, enabling longer operation times. Customisable charge/discharge time settings with peak time shaving also enable strategic energy consumption, resulting in a flexible solar power supply.  

And all this is possible without compromising safety! These S6 inverters boast integrated DC arc-fault circuit protection to mitigate fire risks and can be connected to SolisCloud via the Wi-Fi/LAN data logger (comes included) for 24-hour intelligent energy management with fault alarm messaging. Thus, component problems are kept at bay — and PV systems last longer, consolidated by the generous warranty of up to 10 years. 

A manufacturer you can trust 

For many customers, Solis’ award-winning reputation and history of holding a position at the forefront of the solar industry are enough to validate the reliability of the new S6 inverters, as well as the manufacturer’s entire portfolio.  

But that does not mean there is not plenty of evidence proving the brand’s continued excellence for those eager to learn more about what it stands for… 

Solis recently commanded attention at Intersolar 2023, the world’s leading solar exhibition that took place in June — illustrating its unwavering commitment to staying involved in the wider solar industry. During the event, crowds flooded to see the brand showcase its residential, commercial and industrial-scale inverters and team members relished in the opportunity to speak to customers face-to-face.  

Earlier in the year, Solis also got to work behind the scenes to launch a free training initiative for installers across four South African cities. The programme, which took place between May and June, sought to teach customers about the S6 range, and attendees got the chance to see the latest Solis inverters up close and ask any questions regarding application. With such a forward-thinking initiative, it is no wonder that Solis is so popular among installers! 

And of course, this year has witnessed Solis continue its success in industry rankings, having been ranked the top inverter brand once again by EUPD Research — and earning the title of the world’s third largest global inverter manufacturer. 

This impressive track record makes us proud to host an array of Solis products on our portal, knowing customers can invest in its new S6 Pro Advanced range with confidence. 

Learn more about Solis and discover its selection of inverters and accessories today. Simply log in or make a free account on our portal.