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Reaping the cost benefits of solar

Reaping the cost benefits of solar Gone are the days when solar power was expensive and inaccessible. Worldwide reports indicate photovoltaic (PV) power is not only outpacing fossil fuels in total global consumption but is also becoming cheaper than its polluting counterpart. SegenSolar discusses just how much prices of solar have plummeted in recent years […]

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Solis’ specialist inverter for South Africa

Solis’ specialist inverter for South Africa Having a good rapport with product manufacturers is crucial for any solar distributor. A healthy relationship based on trust and communication allows bespoke products to be developed in line with the specific needs of the local market. Discover more about SegenSolar’s relationship with internationally renowned inverter manufacturer Ginlong Solis, […]

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Local support from Renusol

Local support from Renusol Mounting solutions you can trust Mounting is often overlooked in solar installations but is a crucial part of every PV project. As a solar system has a standard lifetime of 25 years, the panels need to be mounted to the roof securely to last the duration of the warranty. Renusol offers […]

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Meet SegenSolar’s newest team member  

Meet Michael: SegenSolar’s newest team member     SegenSolar is delighted to say there is a new member of the team on the ground in South Africa.     Michael Lappin joined SegenSolar in November 2019 from a reputable solar company called MSolar, based in Kenya. Michael also has extensive experience working with the sales, financial and stock-holding aspects of a company in Kenya. He […]

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How to maximise solar installation value with inverter clipping 

 How to maximise solar installation value with inverter clipping   As a solar installer, it is vital to know how to ensure a PV system is operating optimally and maximum value is being obtained for the home or business owner.   One of the lesser known ways to maximise value is with inverter clipping — but what is it and why should it matter to you?   What is inverter clipping?  […]

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Renusol’s top tips on ground mounting 

Renusol’s top tips on ground mounting  For smaller solar projects, the most common solar panel installation is on the rooftop, while ground-mounted panels are usually seen in PV farms or large, industrial-scale solar plants.   However, there are many perks to considering a ground-mounted installation for your home or commercial property if space allows. These types of […]

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 Solis reports company’s strongest quarter ever 

Solis reports company’s strongest quarter ever  String inverter manufacturer Ginlong Solis (commonly known as ‘Solis’) marked its best quarter since the company’s founding in 2005. Solis brought in $52 million during the third quarter of 2019 alone: more revenue than that recorded during 2014, 2015 and 2016 combined.    As a publicly traded company that focuses exclusively on PV string inverters, Solis’ outstanding performance is a testament to the growth of its global operations as […]

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 Renusol’s remedy to four common solar installer mistakes 

Renusol’s remedy to four common solar installer mistakes  For anyone who has dealt with solar panels, whether on the installer or end-customer side, there is no doubt the installation process is not always straightforward and can pose several concerns for either party.   Given the enormous varieties and modularity of photovoltaic (PV) systems, there is scope to […]

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Encouraging renewables in Zambia

Encouraging renewables in Zambia Joining the assortment of African countries in an electricity supply crisis is Zambia. In June 2019, there were discussions around Zambia needing to import electricity from South Africa, which as a country was struggling to provide its citizens with ample power. South Africa is supplying Zambia with electricity in this time […]

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Solis – Training Events

Solis Training Events Installers may be aware SegenSolar and Solis have been hosting various training events over recent months. The events have been full-day, inverter-focussed sessions attended by upwards of 50 installers. James Frank, Solis’ country manager for South Africa, capably delivers the technical information about Solis inverters. All in all, the sessions have been […]

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