Solis – Training Events

Solis Training Events Installers may be aware SegenSolar and Solis have been hosting various training events over recent months. The events have been full-day, inverter-focussed sessions attended by upwards of 50 installers. James Frank, Solis’ country manager for South Africa, capably delivers the technical information about Solis inverters. All in all, the sessions have been […]

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Why it’s vital to get your GreenCard

Why it’s vital to get your GreenCard Solar power is undoubtedly a popular energy choice for South Africa. With the cost of a PV system dropping each year coupled with escalating electricity prices and uncertainty of supply, solar is becoming increasingly attractive to both residential and commercial energy users nationwide. An increase in customer demand […]

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Ahead of the solar game with SHARP

Ahead of the solar game with SHARP SHARP’s solar panels boast an assortment of benefits. This focus on just one solar product has allowed SHARP to develop some of the best modules on the market during its sixty years in the industry. The company’s array of assets includes financial stability, innovative products and one of […]

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Renusol – A history of solar racking

A history of solar racking Established in 1997, Renusol has consistently provided exceedingly high-quality mounting solutions for the solar industry. The company has contributed its share to the rapidly growing number of photovoltaic solutions across the globe, and with 20 years of distinguished company history, Renusol has been innovating new products with each passing year. […]

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mega Solar Initiative

Africa’s mega solar initiative 

Africa’s mega solar initiative    South Africa is one of the world’s top-20 producers of greenhouse gases. The country is under immense pressure to deliver on a commitment to reduce its emissions by 42% before 2025.    South Africa steps up its game    In line with promises made in 2009, South Africa is finally making plans to […]

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Solis 5G Blog

5G is the future — and the future is Solis 

5G is the future — and the future is Solis  What does “5G” mean to you?     Faster? Smarter? More efficient?   It seems like only yesterday that 4G technology was starkly futuristic, with higher speeds of connection than the world had ever seen. Astoundingly, 5G already is on the horizon and is set to revolutionise the internet and global connectivity, providing […]

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A relationship for solar stability

A relationship for solar stability   SegenSolar and Renusol’s partnership has incited efficient and effective adaptation to the specific needs of the South African solar market. Reputable racking solutions Founded in 1997, Renusol is well-established in the solar industry and offers some of the best, most well-respected mounting solutions in the market. The company prides […]

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Sharp partners with Toyota for a solar-powered Prius

Sharp partners with Toyota for a solar-powered Prius Petrol and diesel cars are among the world’s worst culprits for greenhouse gas emissions. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that innovators are starting to look at new ways to tackle the toxic substances emitted by this mode of transport.   Going fuel-free  Battery-powered cars — both hybrid and electric — are now on the market and available for the average […]

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Sharp Case study

Sharp’s caseload of solar projects

Sharp’s caseload of solar projects  Trusted with over 60 years’ experience in the industry, Sharp is a global force among solar brands. The company’s panels are not only dependable and powerful but are also versatile and suitable for use across a range of applications in various countries.   Sharp’s panels were chosen specifically for the following projects due to their robust design and high […]

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Zimbabwe feels the heat

Zimbabwe feels the heat 

Zimbabwe feels the heat  With Zimbabwe no longer receiving electricity from South Africa due to its inability to meet funding requirements, the country is in darkness during the peak hours of 5 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 10 pm. These scheduled blackouts are known as periods of “load shedding”. The lack of […]

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