Are you using Quick Quote? 

Sometimes, ‘shortcut’ tools turn out to be more hassle than they are worth. They do not always offer a quicker solution and can result in a confusing outcome. The online apparatus may not be particularly userfriendly, and it can be tricky to work out the functions of each button.  

However, SegenSolar’s Quick Quote tool has been designed with the installer in mind. It is straightforward, simple to use and offers an exceptional solution for any solar installer looking to build a PV system. Find out more about the discounts, time savings and ease of use this software has to offer…  

What is Quick Quote?

SegenSolar’s unique Quick Quote software is a tool to help installers design a PV system from start to finish based on any given specification. The interactive tool offers a bespoke yet automatic solution with each product matched for compatibilityIt is the most comprehensive free tool available to installers online and is truly a one-of-a-kind system.  

Unlike other software, Quick Quote includes every product in the SegenSolar portfolio from an unmatched variety of solar brands. Such a broad pool of products removes any bias and makes it much more impartial than manufacturer-specific system builders.  

Quick Quote is SegenSolar’s recommended alternative to following the arduous process of creating a new quote from scratch and selecting each product manually.   

Savings where it matters most

Choosing each piece of equipment for a PV system is time-consuming and tedious, and SegenSolar knows installers are often short on time. Quick Quote is a much speedier solution than manually adding each product into your basket. After all, time is money… 

Of course, it is no secret every installer wants to make savings on their solar purchase. As an answer to this, SegenSolar has compiled a variety of product packages to suit each customer’s residential or commercial needs.  

The best part of these packages is they come at a distinctively discounted priceUnfortunately, the ‘special offer’ packages are often overlooked by installers when searching for products individually. The Quick Quote tool not only highlights discounted packages but also incorporates them into the end quote to maximise savings where possible. What’s more, installers can compare the costs of multiple systems on the same screen and select the quote they most prefer.  

30-day price guarantee

As anyone familiar with solar will know, the prices of all solar equipment fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. As a consequence of many factors — predominantly volatile exchange rates — it can be challenging to offer an accurate quote to a homeowner or business owner when these costs are changing continually 

However, with the Quick Quote tool, the quoted price for the full system is locked in for 30 days! The fixed price means anyone purchasing a system using Quick Quote can confidently quote to their client knowing they will not be unfairly or unexpectedly out of pocket.  

Avoid human error with perfectly matched systems

When using Quick Quote, your end quote will include all necessary parts. Installers can, therefore, be confident the system has been designed to expert level and will remove any human error concerns when matching products. Only products that are compatible with each other are offered to alleviate any fears of selecting incompatible products, which could result in a faulty system. 

SegenSolar knows it is not always easy to correctly spec a system each time. Yet, the consequences of doing so can be detrimental, particularly for installers working on large commercial projects with strict deadlines. Thankfully, with Quick Quote, the end quote includes every component required, so you can purchase with complete confidence that nothing has been omitted.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up to the installer portal and discover the benefits Quick Quote has to offer. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of the team if you require any additional information.