Ambitions to conquer commercial storage

SegenSolar is delighted to finally announce the launch of its all-new storage range for commercial sites. You can now find every product you need for large-scale projects requiring solar battery storage — all under one roof on the exclusive customer portal.

In addition to the new products which will strengthen the existing portfolio of manufacturers, the team welcomes Atess and Blue Mountain Energy: two brand-new names to SegenSolar offering products to complement the entire range.

All-new brands


New to the SegenSolar portfolio, Atess’ hybrid inverters are a unique product to join the new commercial storage range. With 30kW, 50kW and 100kW models available, Atess offers a versatile all-in-one hybrid solution for various commercial sites. The inverters also feature programmable working modes that enable you to choose between peak shaving or back-up.


What’s more, these inverters are scalable to your requirements with two units parallelable to double the power output. These inverters offer a guaranteed seamless transfer during grid outages for sites requiring uninterruptible power to protect essential loads.

Atess inverters are fully certified and compatible with Freedom Won high-voltage and Pylontech Powercube H2 batteries. The products can be pre-ordered now with stock available in March 2021.

Blue Mountain Energy

As an emerging name in the Southern African solar market, Blue Mountain Energy offers a small series of new three-phase inverters.


The low-voltage range comprises 10kW and 15kW hybrid units — both of which are NRS certified — while the high-voltage range features 20kW and 30kW off-grid models. The inverters offer a pure sine wave output ensuring safe power for all appliances, with the 20kW and 30kW models transformer based with galvanic isolation.

Blue Mountain Energy inverters also have multiple working modes and are programmable for grid back-up, hybrid and off-grid systems. You can also customise your supply priority with the ability to select between solar PV, battery or the grid. Another notable feature of this product is the ability to choose between self-consumption or feed-in back to the grid.

BME inverters are best paired with Freedom Won or Pylontech solar batteries. Pre-order your BME inverters today for delivery when stocks arrive in April 2021.

All-new items from names you love


Solis is an established and integral part of SegenSolar’s PV offering, known and loved by installers across Southern Africa. As such, the new high-voltage 10kW hybrid commercial inverter is an exciting addition to the iconic 5G range — perfect for smaller commercial installations.


This product supports three-phase imbalance and features time of use shifting and peak shaving capabilities for additional grid support. The 10kW inverter’s ultra-efficient design means it offers an incredible maximum efficiency of 98.4% and features an integrated EMS for intelligent energy management.

Solis’ inverters are always best paired with Pylontech batteries for a cost-effective, high-performance system.


The hotly anticipated solution from Pylontech has arrived: the all-new Powercube H2 comprising 3.5kWh 48V battery modules. A stack of 10 provides 35.5kWh at 480V to offer a medium to large-scale storage system.

Pylontech Powercube H2


As a modular and scalable solution, not only can you stack between five to 12 units in series, but you can parallel up to six stacks using an MBMS. Pylontech has also designed these batteries using LiFePO4 technology for ultimate safety and longevity. Its protection functions include charge, current and temperature protection and the batteries can be installed in various configurations, such as rack-mounted or container-based systems.

The Powercube H2 is both compatible and recommended for installation with Atess, Solis and BME commercial inverters.

Freedom Won

For an elite, high-quality commercial storage solution, Freedom Won’s new high-voltage batteries offer unbeatable power for your large-scale projects. Freedom Won is a South African manufacturer whose products have been developed to suit the market’s specific needs.

Freedom Won commercial Lite 200/160 LiFePO4 battery

When choosing Freedom Won batteries, you can expect nothing less than a first-class solution to create a tailored system. These batteries offer an uninterrupted power supply and can be paralleled up to 10 units to cater to larger businesses, too. If your site requires emergency power, Freedom Won high-voltage batteries are perfect for such systems in both industrial and telecommunications applications. If needed, you can discharge these batteries in just one hour thanks to their 1C discharge rating.

The recommended pairing is with Atess’ 30kW and 50kW variants offer a scalable, hybrid, fully integrated single unit deployment, which is also compatible with the Freedom Won high-voltage range.

Are you ready to get started on your next commercial solar installation? SegenSolar has a six-person strong team with a focus on commercial sites. The team is available to assist with your project pipeline and offer project management services. Get in touch for more information now.