All the benefits of REVOV batteries

With so many forward-thinking brands in the solar energy storage industry, installers are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing batteries for PV systems. Yet even though variety is certainly beneficial for those working on a range of different projects, it does make it harder to decide which module is best for your customers’ needs. 

So, allow us to point you in the right direction… 

REVOV is a South African brand that prides itself on its ability to understand and cater to South African energy requirements through its 2nd LiFe batteries, which combine second-life electric vehicle (EV) modules with superior lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) technology.   

These innovative solutions boast a series of economical, environmental and usage-related advantages over first-life and lead-acid alternatives. In fact, we can think of at least eight… 

1. More intuitive designs 

When it comes to solar energy storage, some think ‘the bigger the better’. However, with larger PV batteries comes cumbersome, time-consuming transportation and installation. Conversely, REVOV batteries are designed to be much more compact, lightweight and easy to use than equivalent lead-acid batteries. They are also suitable for rack and wall-mounted applications, aiding in flexibility. 

2. Faster charging times 

A PV battery with a slow charge time could take as much as sixteen hours to charge and cool down (as is the case with plenty of lead-acid batteries), limiting how often customers can use their PV systems. But not with REVOV! This brand’s batteries charge four times faster than lead-acid models, drastically reducing downtime and ensuring customers get the most out of their supplies. 

3. Higher efficiencies 

The power users can obtain from an energy storage solution is all determined by how much of the battery’s capacity can be used — its depth of discharge (DoD). Whilst lead-acid batteries have a DoD of 20-40%, REVOV batteries can be discharged to 100%, making them much more efficient. They also last longer between charges and lose very little charge when not in use. 

4. Enhanced temperature resilience 

Extreme temperatures can prevent PV batteries from running as intended, limiting the discharge rate and reducing the product’s lifespan. But this is not something installers need to worry about with REVOV batteries. They can withstand hot and cold conditions, charging at temperatures from 0°C to 45°C and discharging at temperatures from -20°C to 60°C thanks to automotive-grade cells.  

5. Upgraded safety 

Many batteries rely on acids to produce electricity, meaning there is a risk of corrosive substances causing dangerous, polluting fumes to damage the environment or harm end-users. REVOV’s batteries use salts, so are much safer than these units. They also boast built-in battery management systems (BMS) preventing overcharge, overdischarge and overdischarge and keeping fires at bay. 

6. Longer lifespans 

Lots of lead-acid batteries only have two years of life in them before they need to be swapped for a new unit, which necessitates regular replacement costs and drives up the long-term cost of a PV system. On the other hand, REVOV batteries come with generous 10-year warranties — lasting much longer than competing alternatives. 

7. Greater cost-effectiveness 

Often, lithium-ion batteries are synonymous with premium price tags, making them inaccessible to customers with tighter budgets. Yet REVOV offers the same high-quality technology at a low upfront cost, with its solutions boasting the lowest cost per cycle for second-life products. Not only this, but REVOV batteries are maintenance-free. So, they help end-users avoid costly upkeep bills. 

8. Better sustainability credentials 

With brand-new or first-life PV batteries, the materials required to produce each module must be mined — a process that uses CO2-emitting fossil fuels. As REVOV batteries are repurposed from pre-existing EV batteries, there is no need to do this process again, meaning they come with a much lower carbon footprint than other models. All whilst saving components from going to landfills! 

We stock both the REVOV R9 and R100 2nd LiFe batteries. Learn more about these products and choose the right model for your upcoming PV projects today.