AFSIA & SegenSolar: spirited about Solis

We are proud to continue working closely with both Solis and AFSIA to provide opportunities to solar professionals throughout Southern Africa.

AFSIA promotes solar power in the Sub-Saharan African region, from large scale grid-connected projects to off-grid solar home systems, organising networking opportunities for solar professionals and giving them access to the right information to expand their business.

An exclusive online session

On the 22nd of July 2021, we hosted an in-depth webinar in partnership with AFSIA covering Solis’ entire PV portfolio.

This session was put together for our fantastic customer base of loyal installers, giving them the tools to install Solis’ solar inverters with confidence.

While SegenSolar’s webinars were intended to temporarily replace the face-to-face training sessions at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, they have proved to be immensely popular with installers. Each of our webinars is free to attend, and we upload the presentation onto our portal after every session.

Our webinar with AFSIA in July saw a tremendous turnout of over 100 installers across Southern Africa and our technicians thoroughly enjoyed hosting the session.

A little on Solis…

Solis is a global manufacturer of solar inverters. The company was established in 2005, making it one of the world’s largest and most experienced inverter manufacturers. Did you know that Solis equipment is even installed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris?

The company has also received dozens of prestigious awards from leading industry bodies in recognition of its dedication to innovation within the PV industry.

In 2019, Solis became the first publicly listed inverter manufacturer on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange — a testament to the bankability of Solis’ products. What’s more, Bloomberg NEF has endorsed Solis as one of the world’s top three bankable Asian inverter brands.

Last year, Solis celebrated its 15th anniversary. Over its lifetime, the company has accumulated over $200m in PV assets, employed over 1,000 members of staff worldwide and deployed over 15GW of renewable energy globally.

Conquering commercial

Solis has an unmatched commercial offering, with all fourth-generation and fifth-generation three-phase inverter models available now on the SegenSolar portal.

The products come with a 25+ year design life and are ultra-efficient, ensuring all commercial and utility-scale solar projects last and run smoothly.

However, our hero commercial inverter from Solis is the 110kW model with Type I/II surge protection. This product has 10 MPPTs for lower mismatch loss, offering unbeatable control and efficiency over larger PV installations. Solis’ commercial range is the best value for money on the market thanks to the products’ exceptional features and reasonable price points.

We recommend keeping an eye on your Solis installations using the Solis EPM 5G Plus: a top-of-the-range monitoring device that allows you to control up to 80 Solis inverters at once! This product also features active power limitation and control at the grid-connection point and you can choose from several standardised meter interfaces to suit your site. You can read all about using this product in conjunction with the SolisCloud monitoring platform in our recent blog article here.

Superior services when you choose Solis

Our ongoing partnership with Solis means that we can offer a selection of super services when you choose Solis’ products on the portal. For example, we provide a 72-hour end-to-end RMA process as well as official Solis inverter commissioning support.

Our technicians will also offer you remote commissioning support of your first Solis commercial installation should you require any assistance.

SegenSolar is also excited to announce the launch of the all-new Solis Competency Centre. This centre will serve as a live demonstration site with an operational PV plant, allowing quick testing of inverters and EPM by appointment. The centre will also act as a firmware testing and update facility, as well as a training environment for Solis solutions by appointment. Additionally, there will be a walk-in functional showroom where customers can have a hands-on experience with Solis’ equipment

Interested in Solis’ solutions? The SegenSolar portal is the best place to buy Solis. If you are a solar installer based in Southern Africa, log in or create an account today!