Achieve lasting power with solar batteries 

Product longevity should be the top of any service provider’s priority list whatever project they are working on — installers included.   

The shorter a solar battery lasts, the more times it will need repairing during the lifespan of the PV system, which increases downtime and ramps up the overall cost of transitioning away from the national grid (which can already be expensive to begin with!). And that is only if flaws are noticed early on… 

Should a battery malfunction not long after installation, irreparable damage can be done to neighbouring components, meaning the entire system could need replacing — an even more expensive, disruptive problem. 

These issues could negatively impact peoples’ solar power supplies and discourage prospective customers from investing in a PV system. So, here is how to prevent key factors from negatively impacting a battery’s lasting power and why to trust Pylontech for your next project. 

Factors affecting product longevity 

The main reasons solar batteries lose their lasting power relate to the currents passing through them. So, to prevent these system components from having a short usable life, it is crucial to keep on top of usage. 

For example, overcharging occurs when a current is pushed into the product after it is fully charged. This creates unstable conditions inside the battery, contributing to thermal runaway and out-of-control temperature rises that can lead to dangerous fires and cut battery lifespans short. How to avoid this? Implement charge controllers that stop electricity flow once the batteries are at 100%. 

Repeated deep discharging (otherwise known as overdischarging), when the battery’s capacity is exhausted on a regular basis, can also shorten battery lifespans. That is because a battery only has so many so many charge-discharge cycles before it needs replacing, and every deep discharge uses a whole cycle. For a longer-lasting battery, it is better to supply customers with a higher-capacity model and recommend partial charging and discharging.  

Storage conditions can also impact a battery’s lasting power. For instance, when these components are installed in a hot environment, chemical reactions occur faster, which speeds up wear and tear and, in turn, shortens longevity. Therefore, to avoid premature battery degradation, it is important to keep the product in a cool, dry place. 

Fortunately, it is easy to mitigate against prevent against damage from overcharging, overdischarging and overheating with Pylontech’s world-class batteries! 

Smarter energy storage solutions 

Over its 10 years of experience in the energy storage business, Pylontech has developed a second-to-none range of batteries created with lasting power in mind, including the brand’s ‘US’ range, which features the US2000C and US3000C. 

These batteries come with their own lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4) cells for the highest safety values and most promising life cycle. They also feature a self-designed battery management system (BMS) to guard against voltage and temperature abnormalities and can be installed in a rack or wall-mounted application for better air flow and cooling. Thus, lifecycle-limiting faults are kept at bay and the risk of overheating is kept to a minimum, meaning batteries last longer. 

Pylontech also supplies ‘UP’ batteries, including the UP2500 and UP5000. With lithium-ion technology, these equally impressive units boast incredible features making them a better option for more extensive self-consumption and backup systems, such as the ability to parallel up to 20 units.  

What’s more, the UP5000 has just received a firmware upgrade that takes its ‘C’ rating from 0.5 to 0.9, facilitates faster charging means it can now support higher 4.3kW peak loads. Plus, the upgrade means only one battery is needed to deploy a 5kW inverter.  

To top off all these attractive qualities, Pylontech provides generous warranties for all its products. The UP500 comes with a non-extendable 5-year warranty and the UP2500 benefits from up to 7-years of protection when registered for a warranty extension. Meanwhile, both the US2000C and US3000C come with 7-year warranties as standard, which can be extended to 10 years upon registration.  

So, all you need to do is choose the right battery model for your upcoming project and start installing for peace of mind! 

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