A smarter way to combat load shedding with REVOV 

If you are like most home and business owners in South Africa, you will be all too familiar with the record-breaking amount of state-enforced blackouts that consistently plunge the country into darkness. 

Currently, it seems that fears that stage six load shedding will rise to stage eight have come to fruition, with 7,045MW of the national load being shed this week, exceeding the threshold of up to 7,000MW covered by the previous stage. If this trend is to continue, the population could be left without power for up to 14 hours a day and further havoc will be wreaked on the economy.  

Both the South African government and its citizens have continued to look towards renewable energy resources in light of such problematic circumstances — with solar power consistently proving the best way to end reliance on Eskom and end the energy crisis for good.  

As the uptake of uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) increases, and PV investments rise, transitioning away from the national grid becomes more affordable and PV products become even more innovative — which brings us to one of the latest manufacturers to join our portfolio: REVOV! 

Providing the solar products of the future 

REVOV is a South African PV manufacturer that caters to today’s most pressing global and national energy concerns with its cutting-edge energy storage solutions. 

Striving to provide the population with a reliable power supply amidst load shedding and beyond, REVOV’s products give everyone the tools to unlock energy freedom in our modern world — whether you are a small business that needs to keep its doors open or a work-from-home employee dependent on an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection.   

But what makes REVOV’s products so well-positioned to support the transition to a brighter, stronger energy future? 

Not only are all of REVOV’s batteries secured by a generous 10-year warranty, proving their exceptional reliability and resilience that helps reduce expensive maintenance and improve cost-effectiveness over the product’s lifetime, but they also benefit from lithium iron phosphate technology. 

Otherwise known as LiFePO4 technology, this particular chemistry is an integral part of today’s latest and greatest solar products, providing more affordable, safer and longer-lasting batteries that are more accessible and sustainable than less modern alternatives.  

And that is not even the best part! 

This manufacturer is a pioneer in the second-life or refurbished PV battery space — creating extra sustainable and affordable solutions that meet just as impressive performance expectations. 

Giving a new meaning to ‘green’ energy 

Despite the undeniable environmental benefits of PV batteries, carbon dioxide and other harmful greenhouse gases are released whilst mining for their components — holding them back from reaching their true sustainability potential.  

So, to make them as ‘green’ as can be, REVOV has developed a range of cutting-edge, carbon-conscious second-life alternatives with repurposed electric vehicle (EV) batteries.  

Although EVs are much better for the environment than petrol and diesel cars, the output of EV batteries eventually deteriorates and does not justify their weight in the vehicle. At this point, EV batteries must either be disposed of or given another use — which could become a problem as EV uptake continues to soar. 

As such, REVOV stops perfectly good batteries from going to landfill by putting them at the heart of their second-life batteries, which are tailor-made to offer everything you could need from a solar energy storage solution! 

Two REVOV second-life batteries are available on the SegenSolar portal, both of which come at a lower cost than first-life equivalents. The R100 and R9 models reap the benefits of the automotive-grade cells, with enhanced tolerance against higher temperatures and lower internal resistance allowing for higher discharge currents without damage and a longer life span.  

These batteries are suitable for off-grid, backup and self-consumption residential energy systems, gaining flexibility from their impressive parallel capabilities, multiple orientation possibilities and numerous pairing options. These batteries also come with built-in protection from common faults — resulting in a super-safe, super-sustainable solution.  

Discover stellar second-life PV batteries from REVOV today — just log in or sign up for a free account on our portal.