A relationship for solar stability  

SegenSolar and Renusol’s partnership has incited efficient and effective adaptation to the specific needs of the South African solar market.

Reputable racking solutions

Founded in 1997, Renusol is well-established in the solar industry and offers some of the best, most well-respected mounting solutions in the market. The company prides itself on reliability and an ethos of straightforward solutions to guarantee consistent rooftop stability for solar modules.

Initially manufacturing solely for German projects, Renusol has branched out substantially and now offers its services in [NUMBER] countries — including South Africa. In [YEAR], SegenSolar and Renusol joined forces to exclusively facilitate the availability of Renusol’s racking products in South Africa.

Thanks to the fantastic rapport and direct communication between the two companies, Renusol has been able to understand the requirements of the South African market wholly. With a thorough recognition of what South Africa needs to adopt solar and optimally take advantage of its benefits, SegenSolar has been the perfect partner to provide Renusol with this extensive knowledge and the company is now more in-touch with the market than ever.

Module mounting — a hot topic 

The importance of adequate racking cannot be stressed enough. As solar panels are designed to last at least 25 years, how installers attach modules to a roof is of paramount importance.

However, as very few roofs are the same, racking systems require adapting to suit each rooftop. How roofs differ can be the pitching, angle or material, but installers often overlook the geographical location of the roof.

Unsurprisingly, hotter climates can face extreme temperatures on rooftops, particularly those clad with metal. The performance of solar panels drops when temperatures are too high, and the reflecting heat from the panels onto the roof only exacerbates this further.

As the origin of Renusol’s products was in Germany, the mounting solutions had initially been designed to suit a more European climate. When the company arrived in South Africa, it was faced with the obstacle of needing to adapt to the warmer weather and overcome the challenges posed by the hot climate.

 Adjusting to the climate

  The company recently completed development its latest racking product — the MetaSole Plus High (MS+H). This mounting system has been designed for installing framed PV modules with thicknesses of between 30 and 50mm on steel or aluminium trapezoidal pitched roofs in South Africa.

Similar to Renusol’s renowned MetaSole Plus (MS+), this product is higher than its earlier counterpart, allowing for better airflow underneath the panels. An increased 100mm distance between the roof and panels ensures higher convection on the rear side of the module as well as better cooling, raising the yield at high environmental temperatures by up to five percent. This also makes it easier to lay and fasten the cables. As with the MS+ short rail system introduced in 2010, the MS+H also has specially produced self-drilling screws that avoid chipping.

Both the new universal clamp and the new mounting system are now available for purchase. Similarly to all Renusol products, these products were comprehensively tested and structurally verified.

This unique solution allows South Africa to truly harness the full potential of the sunshine without concerns of depleting module output in hotter weather. Development of the MS+H demonstrates how Renusol not only listens to local feedback but manufactures a specific product in response. The MS+H is suitable for both large-scale commercial solar projects as well as residential systems.

Renusol also offers a new roof hook to be used in conjunction with the MS+H. This steel component comes at a 25% cost reduction and has more holes in the base plate for increased stability. Manufactured with galvanised high-grade steel, this product is of exceptional quality and promises to deliver a dependable solution.

SegenSolar is proud to stock the MS+H and the Eco Roof Hook. Alternatively, explore Renusol’s extensive range of mounting solutions now.