A guide to Renusol applications

The vast selection of Renusol products on the portal indicates just how innovative the brand is, delivering many high-quality applications to meet the demands of the fast-developing solar market, and speaks to the partnership between Renusol and SegenSolar.

We are proud to have such an extensive range of Renusol products because they are one of the most prolific manufacturers in the industry, with an unparalleled 25 years of experience in PV mounting which informs all of its unbeatable product lines.

So, if you are in the market for mounting products, it is not a question of whether to invest in Renusol but which range to choose…

Renusol’s mounting systems

It is essential to have the correct mounting products for each roof type to ensure a safe and secure installation. Thanks to Renusol’s clear and concise mounting solutions, it is easy to find the right products.


As Renusol’s most extensive range, the MetaSole+ boasts numerous variations for different installation requirements, all of which are suited to pitched corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal roofs. The systems in the MetaSole+ range are as follows.

  • MS+
  • MS+P
  • MS+H

The MS+ and MS+P are recommended for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs, with the MS+P being designed for panels installed in portrait orientation. The MS+CORRUGATED, on the other hand, is best for corrugated metal roofs.

For hotter climates, Renusol offers the MS+H. With increased space between the roof and panels, which allows for better airflow and adequate temperature control, this system keeps the risk of overheating at a minimum — helping to ensure a safe, long-lasting installation.

These systems prioritise flexibility and ease of installation, with self-cutting screws for direct roof installation and no continuous rails. Because the components in the MetaSole+ range use only the necessary materials, they are also incredibly compact. This means less space is used in transportation, storage and on-site for straightforward, cost-effective mounting.


The TriSole+ system is suitable for both flat and pitched roofs and is recommended for use on commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings with trapezoidal metal or corrugated fibre cement roofs. Comprising a modular triangle, fastening elements and module clamps, this solution is ideal when angles between 10 and 35 degrees are required. 


The FS flat-roof system is designed for large, flat roofs with a limited load capacity, consisting of a 10-degree east-west system and a 10-degree and 18-degree titled south-facing mounting system. This has been tested in a wind tunnel to ensure maximum durability and comes with aerodynamic optimisation and an innovative rail system, and is fixed with a ballast.

The FS XL is one of Renusol’s most recent developments, which attends to the increase in solar module size. This trend has developed across the industry due to increasingly extreme weather conditions and the need for more robust solar products.

The Renusol RH1 roof hook

The Renusol RH1 is Renusol’s newest roof hook with complete flexibility, thanks to the adjustable base plate and height, meaning it can be used on various roof types and angles. Because this universal solution can carry so much — with 25% more strength than the previous strongest model — it reduces the number of products required for each project, cutting installation costs and times.

All the components needed to complete a stellar installation are available within the Renusol portfolio on the SegenSolar portal. To discover these solutions, log in or make a free account today.