2020 with SegenSolar: a year in review

Much like for every company in the world, 2020 did not take the course as SegenSolar anticipated this time last year. The coronavirus outbreak has altered the way of life for millions of people, and nobody can say how long these changes will last.

However, there has also been much good to come out of the past year. SegenSolar’s webinars have taken their place as an integral part of the business and will continue into 2021 with no plans of stopping. This year has also seen the arrival of dozens of new products, from existing manufacturers and new additions to the portfolio. While there is plenty to reflect on, it is equally as important to look forward. Keep an eye out for the launch of even more exciting products from all-new brands in 2021.

Looking back

At the start of the year, COVID-19 thwarted many of SegenSolar’s anticipated plans and trajectories.

Coronavirus had a serious impact on both the solar sector and load shedding in South Africa. Nevertheless, despite national lockdowns taking place around the world, the renewable energy industry held firm and was one of few to come out of the pandemic stronger than before.


What’s more, the pandemic forced SegenSolar to replace its face-to-face training sessions with online webinars. Webinars rocketed in popularity (and necessity) in a bid to keep events running but from a distance. Yet, SegenSolar’s online training has been more popular than ever anticipated with consistent attendance rates and notably positive feedback. The team has also collaborated with a variety of solar manufacturers to offer these free sessions on specific products, ensuring as many installers as possible are skilled, knowledgeable and feeling confident in their ability and understanding.

With so many new products arriving at SegenSolar, these webinars have been integral to keeping installers informed.

New arrivals

Early in the year, Freedom Won joined the energy storage portfolio. As a South African brand, Freedom Won understands the nuanced requirements of the solar market in the country and has produced exceptional residential batteries for high-quality solar storage. The batteries are manufactured using lithium-iron-phosphate: the safest and best-performing battery material to date.

The 5kW and 8kW hybrid inverters from Sunsynk are another popular new arrival. These products are straightforward to use and are compatible with most lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, offering a simple yet highly effective domestic storage solution.

Alpha ESS’ all-in-one SMILE product is a celebrated storage solution comprising a hybrid inverter and battery in a single unit. The product’s aesthetic design and reliability have meant it has been extremely popular among residential installers and homeowners.

One of the most exciting launches to take place this year was that of the all-new KODAK Solar Products, packages and services. The packages were designed in collaboration with the SegenSolar experts to meet specific load shedding requirements, and the team now offers additional support to customers choosing KODAK Solar such as a longer warranty, 24-hour RMA process and the free and exclusive SegenSolar Assured inverter testing service.

Looking forward

2021 is set to be a year of significant new product launches as SegenSolar begins its serious, committed expansion into the commercial storage market.

New arrivals to facilitate this growth will be three-phase hybrid and off-grid inverters from Atess, Blue Mountain Energy and Solis, as well as additions to the portfolio of Pylontech products with the all-new Powercube H2 stackable batteries.

For residential projects, SegenSolar will be welcoming solar PV batteries from Giter and more stock of the new ultra-efficient hybrid inverters from Sunsynk.

A critical thread of thought has emerged over the past 12 months: renewable energy is essential to South Africa’s growth and development. Solar has an enormous role to play in tackling Africa’s energy crisis and has the potential to act as a central enabler to smart cities of the future.

Thinking big

The team is proud to continue its expansion into the SADC regions, offering its elite small-scale storage solutions to keep homes and businesses powered through regular power shortages. Led by Michael Lappin, this growth will see more communities than ever benefitting from SegenSolar’s PV products and services with the assistance of the incredible AFSIA.

SegenSolar is South Africa’s largest leading distributor of solar panels, PV inverters, energy storage, PV mounting and all ancillary solutions with unrivalled design tools. With everything you need for your next solar installation in one place, sign up to SegenSolar’s free customer portal today to get involved.